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An IRC client in ETK

Wednesday 9 May 2007, by lok

I wrote Echoes because I wanted a nice IRC client with the detour theme. So I fastly write something using ETK and Enhance as usual for the GUI. And also ecore_con which let you use some sockets stuff whithout the pain of dealing with low-level network stuff.


None ! Well it let you talk on irc. The basic spec is implemented, and a tiny bit of the CTCP too. I don’t intend to make something ultra-powerfull multiprotocol and everything. Just something less ugly than xchat with my gtk theme.

The commands are the same as usual (/server /join /quit /nick /away etc...), and there’s a binding on Ctrl-W to close the current openned chan.


For now it’s very unstable, a bunch of bugs still lies in Echoes. And etk’s textblock still crash sometimes. If you’re not a developer, please don’t use it.


Echoes Screenshot Echoes with detour

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