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A MPD client in ETK

Wednesday 9 May 2007, by lok

If you don’t know MPD, it’s a daemon which handle the music playing. While the clients handle the interface between users and the daemon. There’s some advantages to have that in a daemon form. You can start the playing at boot time, keep it running even without X, you don’t have to always keep the client opened and you can interract with the daemon the way you want. Using a small command line or a complete GUI.


Emphasis is designed to let you quickly manage your playlist. Typing some text in the media library will filter the list of artists/album/tracks. Pushing or a double left click will add the selected things to the playlist. And it will start playing automatically if the daemon is in a stopped state. A right-click on an element of the media library will find and remove every corresponding items.

Emphasis handle MPD’s playlists files (.pls). You can save your current playlist and reload it after a while. An advanced search is also implemented, letting you search for songs in your library with more constraints.

There is three modes. The full one with everything, the small with the basics features of any players and a vertical design (rejoice widescreen user !) and the tiny which let you keep only the cover and handle only the very very basics features (see the README for more information).

Along with that, there’s also the bunch of usual features. Like covers, shuffle, random mode etc...

History and futur

Emphasis was my first real project in C. At first, all I wanted was to test ETK and I choose to make a small program. Well at the end it isn’t as small as intended but it works. Some times ago we started to fully rewrite it. The new version use plugins for everything. But it’s still not usable for everyday use.

Project Website : http://emphasis.tuxfamily.org


Emphasis full-mode Emphasis small-mode

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