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  • Buuf Icons

    10 July 2007, by lok
    Some screenshots with buuf icons everywhere.

  • Detour theme for E17

    2 June 2007, by lok
    A little serie of screenshots of E17 with detour theme.

  • Emphasis-logo


    A MPD client in ETK

    9 May 2007, by lok
    Emphasis is a client to Music Player Daemon (MPD) written in C and using ETK/Enhance.

  • Echoes-logo


    An IRC client in ETK

    9 May 2007, by lok
    A basic IRC Client in C using ETK/Enhance

  • Envy-logo


    A simple video player in Edje

    9 May 2007, by lok
    It’s a small video player with a lightweight interface in Edje.

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